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Mr. Callaway’s 10-Step Program

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This program will cause a bit of resistance, especially with those who do not face up to the truths presented. Hopefully criticisms will subside when we look closely at the ways we can help African American Males survive high school. 

And who better to address these controversial and critical issues than a veteran African American educator who has spent OVER 30 YEARS working with these young men.

One of the main criticisms is that TEN ESSENTIAL STEPS is not based on research and data, and not documented. In a broader sense, the conclusions and references in this program are a result of my own research and through my own experiences. They are the collective wisdom of years working with African American Males. It is not only about their behavior, but their feelings, emotions, the culture and mindset that produces these behaviors. So I present this information to address the plight of African American Males from a hands-on perspective. This is critical experience that cannot be gained through research and data. From my vantage point I have lived, I have seen and  I have experienced what researchers can only write about.


As a former middle and high school principal, I’ve witnessed the countless young males sent to my office for classroom misbehavior; issues so minor that it was (for the most part) a true waste of everybody’s time.

BY & .LARGE, the reasons for most every incident, the behavior is always the essence of these conflicts, confrontations and clashes

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According to the Schott Foundation for Public Education there are stacks of reports that for years have indicated Black male students are not given the same opportunities to participate in classes offering enriched educational opportunities. Additionally they are punished more severely for the same infractions as their White peers.

The Ten Essential Steps is a dynamic, hands-on-program that not only hones the personal abilities of our young men but also helps them teach others to do the same. 

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Like a fitness camp, this program breaks down the game of survival into its component parts, examines them, and then brings them back together for a teachable point of view.

And because 10 ESSENTIAL STEPS focuses on todays relevant, and real school life challenges that face the students from day-to-day, this program produces instant, valuable benefits and  takeaway tools for their survival.

The 10 ESSENTIAL STEPS program is highly interactive. For each step, insight is offered. More than simply “a program,” this is an experience that challenges our young men to ask questions, to stop seeing themselves as victims and to learn to create some momentum for survival and success. In addition students are encouraged to offer tough, honest feedback to help each other improve.